Thursday, June 4, 2020

How To Go To The Bathroom Outdoors

Just as a bear poops in the woods, so may you need to.

As many public restrooms in outdoor areas remain closed, or you're hiking or backpacking it is important that you’re prepared to go to the bathroom to ensure your comfort and safety, and to minimize your impacts as much as possible. Here are some tips so that you’re prepared when the time strikes: 

1. Make your own poop kit- pack a small bag with all the essentials so that you’re always prepared to go the bathroom outside- a trowel for digging a cathole where regulations allow, tp when you need it, a bag to pack out used tp, hand sanitizer and a way to pack out your waste where regulations require, such as a biffy bag.

2. When pooping or peeing, go 200 feet- about 70 big steps away from water, trails and camp. Choose an inconspicuous site that other people will be unlikely to go.

3. Pee on surfaces such as rocks, pine needles and gravel- places without plants that won't be damaged by wildlife who dig for salts and minerals found in urine, and pack tp out. For solid waste, use a trowel to dig catholes 6-8 inches deep.

4. Bury solid waste in catholes where regulations allow, and pack tp out. Cover the area back up to make it look as if you were never there, and always use your hand sanitizer!

Check out Leave No Trace for more tips. 

Bear after it pooped telling hiker not to go in there