Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Aina Is Heading To Roanoke GO Outside Festival

Did you hear, Aina is going to Roanoke GO Outside Festival! In less than two weeks Aina Clothing will be there vending all the eco-friendly goods we have for three days of outdoor fun. Roanoke’s GO Fest is an Adventurers Paradise. The ninth annual Anthem GO Outside Festival will take place from October 18-20 in Roanoke, Virginia. At the award-winning festival attendees enjoy the unique opportunity to try more than 100 different hands-on outdoor activities, listen to talented musicians, drink local craft beer, and meet other nature enthusiasts - all in the heart of Virginia’s beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

This isn’t a “sit in your seat” kind of event — YOU’RE ENCOURAGED TO GET INVOLVED, with more than 125 outdoor activities, including outdoor rock climbing walls for children and adults, running and cycling races, free mountain bike and water sports demos, an urban adventure scavenger hunt, wilderness medicine and survival skill clinics, free yoga classes, fly fishing, and even log rolling.

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Friday, May 3, 2019

Please Don't Feed the Ticks!

Few things in the great outdoors make folks squirm as much as ticks, and for good reason. Besides being disgusting little critters, the insects can burrow into the skin and suck the blood of the host, whether it be a hiker (you), deer, dog or other animal. Ticks are not only pesky but also can carry dangerous diseases that could infect the host.

Tick prevention is important to keep in mind while hiking or doing other outdoor activities.
Here is some information from the American Hiking Society to help keep you safe while enjoying the outdoors.

Protect yourself against these potentially dangerous insects.

Summer brings warm weather and great hiking. Unfortunately, ticks appreciate the season as much as we do and they pose a serious threat to hiker health. Though ticks themselves seldom cause medical problems, the diseases they transmit can wreak havoc on a hiker’s body. Elrichosis, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are just a few of the tick-borne pathogens of which hikers should be aware.

Here are a few easy steps to prevent tick-borne illness:

• Determine risk: Spring and early summer are high-risk for ticks because ticks are in an earlier stage of their development, called “nymphs.” Nymphs often carry heavier loads of disease-causing pathogens, and are smaller and harder to spot. Tall grass and brush are higher-risk, too, because ticks can easily climb on to hikers.

• Wear long and wear light! Wear long-sleeve shirts and long pants of a light color. Lighter colors seem...