Wednesday, October 1, 2014



Last year around this time I was having a funky bummed-out day but my spirits were lifted by an email that I received later that day. Someone that I know took a minute of their time to do something that probably would seem small and trivial to most, but could result in a positive outcome. It got me thing about an article that an old high school friend had recently wrote; “Stand Up For Something, Staying Good At Life”. The major part of the article is “Assistance comes in many forms. Volunteer in your community. Help by giving someone a good referral. Put in a good word for someone. Hold open a door for someone. Make a donation. Be active in your community. Smile at someone.” So I came up with this idea for the month, Helptoberfest and for the month of October I posted (mostly on AinaClothing) about different charities, events and inspirational quotes. This Helptoberfest I’ll be at it again and hopefully it will remind you to “Stay Good At Life”.

Stand Up For Something


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