Tuesday, October 3, 2017



A few years ago I was having a crappy day when I received an email that lifted my spirits. Someone that I know took a minute of their time to do something that probably would seem small and trivial to most, but could result in a positive outcome. It got me thinking about an article that an old high school friend had wrote; “Stand Up For Something, Staying Good At Life”. The major part of the article is “Assistance comes in many forms. Volunteer in your community. Help by giving someone a good referral. Put in a good word for someone. Hold open a door for someone. Make a donation. Be active in your community. Smile at someone.” 

So I came up with this idea, Helptoberfest, and for the month of October I posted about different charities, events and inspirational quotes. Last year I expanded upon this idea. For the month of October I will donate 15% of sales to charities and organizations that are environmentally and/or outdoor focused. I’ll donate to four different groups, one will be highlighted for a seven day period. If you are involved with or know of one that you would like to see featured let me know. Aina is a very small business, it won’t be a lot of coin, but every bit helps. 

Hopefully this reminds you to “Stay Good At Life”.

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